5 Reasons Schools and Universities Can Benefit From Solar Power

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When we hear of solar power, we mostly think of houses and commercial buildings trying to cover their electric bill and “going green”. But today, many schools and universities are also hopping on the trend of installing solar panels on their roofs and seeing how the benefits are not only financial, but also makes an impact to the students and surrounding community.


Here are 5 reasons why schools and universities can benefit from shifting to Solar Power

1. Most School And University Roofs Are Ideal For Solar Panel Systems

Since most universities and schools have flat and expansive roofs, it’s more ideal for solar panel installation compared to residential homes that have pitched roofs.


These roofs are also unlikely to feature sensitive materials, like wood shingles, which can make solar installation more challenging. Since roof angle and material have a major impact on the effectiveness of solar arrays, this is excellent news for any college or university that wants to install panels.

2. Operating Costs will be Reduced

Just like any other businesses, schools and universities utilize lots of electricity, which means they are also primary victims of the continuous electric price hikes over the past ten years.


Since solar power is an abundant source of free energy throughout the world, partnered with the advanced solar panel technology and skilled installers, solar energy is now more accessible for most institutions.

Schools and universities have access to some of the least expensive systems available because as systems get larger, their cost per watt price falls. This means schools and universities can enjoy affordable power without the guessing game of the grid.

3. Going Green Could Help Boost Enrollment

Many students, teachers and parents nowadays are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. This is why schools and universities that install a solar panel system could easily see an increase in enrollment

This is especially true in competitive areas, where having solar panels on a building could be the factor that distinguishes one university from its competitors in the eyes of potential enrollees.


When modern students choose schools, many of them look for options that offer eco-friendly practices and renewable power facilities.

An institution can gain a reputation for innovativeness and creativity based on the steps they make to be more eco-friendly. Not only do solar panels produce energy, but they also stand out as a unique social and cultural symbol.

4. The Sun is an Abundant and Reliable Source of Energy

For universities, schools, and residences alike, solar power systems offer a dependable source of abundant energy. While fossil fuels are a finite source of energy, solar power is not. Designed to work on any weather including cloudy and rainy days, solar panels can generate a significant amount of power for universities and schools that install them.

5. Solar Powered Schools Will Help Drive Solar Energy Forward

People need to see solar panels work before they can invest on it or believe in their worth. Since schools and universities are public places, installing solar panel systems will gain greater exposure. This will also help people have the opportunity to see solar panels at work, making them more familiar to its advantages and hopefully inspire them to invest in solar energy on their own accords.

The Future is Brighter with Solar Powered Schools and Universities

Today solar powered schools and universities are more ideal than ever, see benefits from reducing energy bills and cutting operational costs to making a more positive environmental, social and cultural impact in your community.

When students see a school taking steps to go green and be more environmentally responsible, it could easily impact the student’s attendance decision and result in higher enrollment numbers for the school.

What’s more, Solar Culture offers plenty of payment choices available for schools that want to install solar panels, it’s an affordable option that will pay off down the road.

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