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Top 6 Industries Which Can Benefit From Solar Energy

Industries of all types are now in a great position to take the benefits of shifting to solar energy. With the decrease in cost of installing a solar panel system, these top industries can save on electricity costs and be safe from future energy price increases.

Here are top 6 examples of those industries which can benefit greatly from solar energy:


In general, manufacturing facilities use large amounts of electricity making them prime candidates for a solar panel system. Another factor is that manufacturers normally use large buildings with a lot of roof space, ideal for a solar panel system. Turning to solar will save a manufacturer millions of pesos over time on electricity costs while being protected against energy price increase which will make a manufacturer more competitive.


Similar to manufacturing facilities, agricultural operations like poultry and dairy farms utilize a lot of electricity and also have big roof spaces ideal for a solar panel system. A typical chicken farm for example requires a consistent temperature and ventillation which is maintained through the help of industrial sized electric fans. If an agricultural facility has a roof mounted solar system, they have an option to switch from electricity generated by the utility company to clean energy generated on site. This will in turn save them a lot of financial resources making solar energy a very sound business decision.


Any commercial business, like a mall or a department store will have a similar return on investment as a manufacturer or a farmer. You just need to consider this criteria in this article, which includes roof space, and having that initiative to be environmentally and financially responsible business owners by taking control of your electricity cost, you are a perfect candidate for solar energy.

Schools and universities

Schools are just like any other businesses, they utilize a lot of energy everday. They also have large amounts of roof spaces which are very ideal for solar panels system installation. Once they shift to solar energy, schools and universities will surely benefit not only financially but also through their social impact in the community around them. If you want to read more about this specific industry, we have a more detailed explaination of the benefits of schools and universities shifting to solar energy in this article.

Day-time Offices

Offices that operate during day-time will also benefit from shifting to solar energy. With heavy use of air conditioning during the day, offices also need lots of electricity to maintain a comfortable work environment for their employees. Converting solar energy to electricity with the help of solar panels systems, offices will greatly save money by using the power they produce on site instead of using energy from the utility companies.

Ice plant and Cold Storage Facilities

Erratic supply of electricity causes electricity-powered ice plants and cold storages to remain inactive and storage conditions inside to not remain in the optimal range. On the other hand, diesel generator-driven storage units come with challenges of their own. To overcome these odds and prevent losses, solar-powered cold storages are the most effective solution today.
Solar panel systems do not rely on the availability of electricity or exhaust diesel to run. This reduces the running costs of the systems and gives operators a substantial increase in income. Alongside these, major collateral benefits for the environment—like massive reduction of carbon footprint and reduction of non-renewable resource depletion—are also achieved.

These are just few of the many industries which can greatly benefit from a solar panel system installed on their roof. If you want to take your solar energy journey to the next step, we suggest you take our no-obligation quote and simulation to put real numbers behind the hypotheticals presented in this article. We’ll show you how much power will be produced on your area’s roof/ground space, weather and how much money your system will save you. We’ll give you our honest and expert opinion whether or not solar makes sense for you. Request your free quote and simulation today!

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